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First blog post for Art 110

This is my very first post so I would like to welcome everyone to my Art 110 blog.

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Wk 15- Activity- Finger Painting

For this week’s art activity we did finger painting. I found this activity to be pretty fun last activity for the class because it wasn’t to hard and just let you do whatever you want. The only issue I had was that my paint wasn’t that great and there wasn’t much of it but I did the best I could with it. I found that painting with no subject or thing you are trying to represent to be better than painting with one. When painting with a subject it makes me at least want to get it perfect but with this little mistakes didn’t matter as much so it was pretty liberating. Earlier in the semester we did graffiti writing and this was similar in the way it was a way to express myself in the form of visual art but this was more abstract than the graffiti activity because you could make anything you want.

Wk 15- Artist Conversation- Katherine Maleki

Artist: Katherine Maleki
Media: Button (colored pencil on paper)
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marlyin Werby Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: @kdmalekiart

About the Artist

Katherine Maliki is an undergraduate going for a Graphic BFA at CSULB. Katherine might change her major to animation. Katherine works and does a lot of art in her free time. She even incorporates art at her work by  hand drawing all the labels. Katherine says that in button making the hardest part is making an image that’ll fit on a button.

Formal/Content Analysis


In Katherine’s buttons she made them in a very simplistic and minimalistic style. I found the colors she used and the style to be very aesthetically pleasing. You can tell that they were hand drawn and each one had time and care into them. She makes the button by first drawing an image that’ll fit in the size of a button, then she uses a button maker to make the button. The button maker works by having two trays that you put each side of the button in and you press them together with your image between them to make a button.

Katherine makes buttons because she they are enjoyable for her to make. She likes making them so much that she wants to get a button maker for Christmas from her family. She also like to mess with colors because she took a color theory class that blew her mind and she tries to mess with the colors to make aesthetically pleasing buttons.


I really enjoyed Katherine’s buttons and talking to her because of how adorable they were and she taught me how a button was made. I didn’t know how buttons were made so it was interesting to hear the button making process. Overall I really like Katherine’s style and

Wk 11- Artist Conversation- Caryn Aasness

Artist: Caryn Aasness
Exhibition: Bonham, Jones, Page
Media: Fiber & Paper
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: levelyellowproblemchild

About the Artist

Caryn Aasness is a Fiber BFA undergraduate in her last year at CSULB. Caryn says once she graduates from the college she would like to attend a graduate school to further her studies. She likes to work in her women studies as to make the art more relatable. Caryn also hopes to be able to one day design wallpapers and textures.

Formal/Content Analysis

In Caryn’s Exhibit she has a variety of different textiles around the gallery. Next to each of the textiles there is a piece of paper with a grid on it. In each line of the grid there is a letter. This corresponds to the a square in the textile that is in the same place as the letter. There is one textile in the middle of the back wall in the gallery has an actual message put onto the textile, it reads “To Call it Cute is to Misunderstand”.

From my conversation with Caryn she stated that she used the textile with the message on it to show people that there was a message behind her textiles and that they were not just meaningless textiles hung up on a wall. Each of the other textiles have a message hidden in the textiles themselves. To decode the message you must read the paper with the grids and letters. Each of the messages is a commentary on society with phrases that are commonly said by people that Caryn doesn’t necessarily agree with.


I really enjoyed Caryn’s exhibit because I had never seen textiles done in this fashion. I also liked the ideas that were presented in Caryn’s artwork. It was also really fun to try and figure out how to decode the little messages and figure out how they related to the textiles. I would recommend people see her exhibit if they think that textiles can’t have any meaning or require intense creativity. This exhibit might change their mind.

Wk 11-Classmate Conversation-Juan Vasquez

For this Classmate Conversation I got to talk to Juan Vasquez who is a second year computer science major who lives in Harbor. Juan likes to spend his free time playing PC games. The questions for this week were What is your opinion of fan art? and Do you think that the singer (Demi Lovato) reacted in a justified manner or not [to a young fan’s drawing of her with unrealistic body shape] ? Juan said that he views that there are to types of fan art the ones that just want to admire their idols and the other ones that want to twist things into their own creepy fantasy. Juan stated that Demi Lovato’s reaction was unwarranted because the young fan that drew her doesn’t view his drawing as sexualizing Demi he just views it as a drawing he made for her.

Wk 10- Activity- Fiber Art Social Network

  1. I think that the term social network is a good term for both real life friends and social media friends, but real friends and social media friends are two different things in my opinion.
  2. I think Dunbar’s Number makes sense to me because if you think about it 150 people is a lot of people to have a close relationship with.
  3. To me having Facebook friends of Instagram followers doesn’t really mean anything and you don’t have an actual relationship with them, you can even not know a person in real life but be friends with them on Facebook.
  4. I personally was not surprised by the connections I had when we did our Art 110 social network wall. I knew who I have talked to and done activities and everything with.
  5. I only have close relationships with about 11 people in my life.
  6. I have more friends on Facebook than I do in real life. I don’t interact with any of those people online or in real life.

    While I was making my real life social network I realized how small my group of friends is but I like it because we have all been really close friends for many years.

Wk 10- Artist Conversation- Tony Nguyen

Artist: Tony Nguyen
Exhibition: Neoteny
Media: Metals
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine
Website: N/A
Instagram: elll_tigre

About the Artist

Tony Nguyen is a Super Senior who is in his last semester at CSULB. He will be getting his BFA in Metal Smithing.  Tony wants to eventually get his Masters in hopes of one day becoming a professor. For Tony’s art he likes to make functional pieces such as the gauntlet which can be worn. He also likes to have a narrative behind his pieces so that they have a story and all have a specific meaning and memory to him.

Formal/Content Analysis

All the pieces in this exhibit have a different form to them but the one thing they all have in common in metal work. They are all made into their formations from Tony altering the shape of the different metals to make them in to his vision for each piece. Tony even altered the color to some of the metals by acid washing them so that they could give off the appearance of not being metal.

The most moving piece in Tony’s whole exhibit is one that most people wouldn’t think of being the most emotional piece. This piece is the bridge necklace. The reason this bridge necklace is so emotionally moving is because of the story behind it. The largest bridge represents Tony’s parents  and the four smaller bridges represent Tony and his three other siblings. Each of the four smaller bridges has a number on it representing the oldest to the youngest sibling. And all of the bridges have toe prints from each of his family members on it. Tony shared with a group of us that this brought his mother to tears when she found out the true meaning behind the art and it finally clicked with her why her son wanted to pursue art.


This exhibit was absolutely one of the best I have been to and Tony is a very interesting individual who makes his exhibit fun. I really liked the fact that he took us around and told us the story behind each of the pieces and it just showed how much of a passion he has for his craft which made the whole experience incredible.

Wk 9- Activity- Art Care Package

For this weeks activity of creating an art care package I decided to create one for one of my best friends, Jen. For this care package I made a few sketches and included a memento from when we went to school together. The first sketch is of when we first met and the second one is of our old high school that we went to. The memento is a ticket to a winter formal dance that our high school had.

  1. An ACP is similar to a snapchat because they both allow you to give someone a little surprise.
  2. The ACP is different to a snapchat in the fact that a lot more effort goes into the ACP because it is more filled with love and care.
  3. I think ephemera is cool because it shows something someone wants to share with you from another time and should be thought of a loving gesture.
  4. I think there is a difference between art seen by many people an an ACP, an ACP is personalized for one person and isn’t for everyone to see.
  5. The time put into an ACP is important because it shows someone really care about you due to the effort they put into it.
  6. ACPs have way more love and thought put into them compared to snapchat because  you have to put yourself into the ACP you are sending and that is something snapchat can’t do.

Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Dalia Bañuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera

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Exhibition Information

Artists: Dalia Bañuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera
Exhibition: Infraction
Media: Photography, Sculpture, and Fiber
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlin Gallery
Daniel’s Website:
Dalia’s Instagram: deliaeffect

About the Artists

There were two artists in this gallery and I was lucky enough to talk to both of them. Dalia Bañuelos is a Studio Art major who likes to do martial arts and draw in her free time. Daniel Bonilla-Vera is also a Studio Art major but he is thinking of switching into a Photography major. Daniel has little free time due to his job and being a full time student.

Formal Analysis

For the exhibit Daniel and Dalia used photography as their main form of media but they also used sculpture and fiber. The left side of the gallery has Daniel’s photographs and the right side has Dalia’s photographs. In the middle of the gallery is a combination of both of their  photographs along with a sculpture of a person with their head in their hands on the ground. They connect all the photos and the sculpture with fiber aka string. The fiber wraps around all the photos and leads you to the center where the sculpture is. The really impressive thing about this is it is all made from one continuous string.

Content Analysis

From talking with both Daniel and Dalia it seems that their exhibit has quite a few ideas that they wanted to express. The overall main point they they wanted to express was mainly that they were frustrated with the limits they felt were on themselves as artists. The sculpture is there so that they can represent themselves in the piece. They used the fiber to go against the typical way of framing a picture and it is also used to show that if the fiber were to be cut it would all fall apart. This exhibit also represents the process of photography. It does this by showing the pictures they discarded and painted on because they weren’t good enough.


I really enjoyed this exhibit because of how it was presented and the ideas it brought to the table. What I liked was that it lead you through each of their work with the fiber an then it lead you to their work combined in the center of the gallery which was very creative way to do this. It also gave me an insight into what effort had to be put into getting the perfect photograph which I had never even thought of before this experience. I have to say this has been my favorite exhibit that I have gone to in this class so far.

Wk 8- Activity- Japanese Garden Sketches

For this week’s activity we did sketches in CSULB’s Japanese Garden. When thinking about doing sketches I was a bit hesitant because I don’t really enjoy drawing or sketching because of my lack of skill so I was worried about doing them. After seeing the garden I got inspired and actually wanted to do the sketches and so I picked my favorite ones I did. They ones I chose turned out to be my more abstract looking ones because I enjoyed how these looked and was proud of them. Out of these three I have selected my personal favorite is the one of the island in the middle of the pond. It is my favorite because its geometrical shapes make it not insanely abstract but not realistic either. Overall this activity has made me actually want to sketch more because this was an enjoyable experience I would like to do again.

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