Exhibition Information

Artist: Andrew Hansen

Exhibition: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Media: Oil Paint on Canvas

Instagram: albabroski



Andrew Hansen is an undergraduate student who is currently working towards his BFA. Andrew also used to be a tattooing apprentice but had to quit to focus on school. He was always into drawing and painting and wanted to something with that in his life. He is also works as a bouncer for the bar Pacific Shores in San Diego from which he has drawn inspiration for his piece.

The painting is oil paint on canvas which gives it an interesting textured look. The scene is of a man checking an I.D. at a bar. The lighting where the light is coming from the bar and dims as it goes outward is very appealing. The angles made by the people in conversation lead you to the woman in the center of the painting. The scene is painted in a realistic way and represents the scene its portraying well. You can even get a sense of the people moving from looking at it.

Andrew’s painting is called “Bar Scene”. Andrew made the painting based off his job as a bouncer. It is painted from his point of view which depicts him checking an I.D. and getting distracted by the woman sitting at the bar. Through talking with Andrew he says this is a scene he sees all the time; a woman getting hit on by multiple guys and her just not being interested. An interesting thing about this painting is that the people in the painting are all people in Andrew’s life. Andrew said with this painting he was trying to show how women are treated in bars, and that it is not right.

I enjoyed the exhibit because it was a new experience to me. Andrew’s work stood out to me because of its message about how men treat women. Even though I don’t go to bars I have still seen a similar situation where a guy keeps harassing a girl. It is an issue that women deal with all the time and it is awful. I liked Andrew’s painting was because of it’s message and style and would recommend people check out his work.