Exhibit Information

Artist: May Ta                                                                                                                                                   Exhibition: Closer                                                                                                                                             Media: Digital Media, Ink Jet Print                                                                                                             Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery                                                                                                                 Instagram: maypta

About the Artist

May Ta is a senior in her last semester at CSULB. She will be getting her BFA in Illustration and then she is going to pursue a MA degree. She is deciding to get her MA degree at either Berkeley, USC, or CSULB. She is leaning towards CSULB because of how much she likes it. May explored sculpting at one point in time but she ended up in illustration because she thought it to more suitable.

Formal Analysis

May Ta’s piece The Windows depicts six different images with window frames on them. The window frames are there to give the appearance that you are looking into a room. The six images were created in photoshop then ink jet printed. The images make you follow the images from top to bottom and left to right. The window frames make the white wall between the images into part of the pieces because it looks like a building. It is done in a realistic style so you can easily identify what everything is.

Content Analysis

Each window in the piece has a different story going on in it like the first picture on the top row, which depicts a couple getting intimate. However, the overall message is more interesting because how the images are set up make it look like an apartment building with people living in it and they are all isolated from the people around them. You can see this because there is different emotion in each window for example the couple in the top are happy together and right below them is an unhappy child. This shows that we are becoming disconnected with our fellow human beings which is a really powerful message.


I really enjoyed May Ta’s The Windows piece both for the style and the message it sends home with you. The message behind this piece really resonated with me because every year I see more and more people not want to socialize in a normal face to face way and just talk behind a keyboard. This is a really worrying thing to me because I like actually being around my friends when I talk to them and I would rather do that over texting them. And this piece really shows the way we are heading and which it is why this is a very important message for people to see.