Exhibition Information

Artist: Katherine Mcraven
Exhibition: Katherine Mcraven                                                                                                                      Piece: Untitled Triangulation #2
Media: Heat Tempered Copper
Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: spirit_rose_a_metre

About the Artist

Katherine Mcraven is a CSULB junior who is working towards her BA in Sculpture. She likes to take photography, play music, and doodle in her free time. She also studies mycology, the study of fungi, on the side. Katherine is a night owl and likes to get her work done at night when there is fewer people in the studio. She was also very inspired by David Bowie’s last album. Katherine has been in a gallery with a group of artists but this was her first solo exhibition.

Formal Analysis

In Katherine’s Untitled Triangulation#2 she used line, geometric shapes, and the wall to make triangles. The triangles show off the different colors in the metal, Katherine heated up the metal to bring out the natural coloration in the metal. The triangles also have some texture to them which was created from blows by a hammer. With the triangles on the wall they give a floating appearance. The light also reflects of different parts of the triangles which shows off the coloration in each of the triangles.

Content Analysis

Katherine said that in her piece was representing the physical body that changes each time it is displayed. She also stated that it represents data and that each triangle is a plotted point on a graph. These statements come together because Katherine says the points become a reflection of the being mapping them. These statements are very interesting because when you hear those words it clicks in your head like I can see that.

Synthesis/ Analysis

When I looked at Katherine’s Untitled Triangulation #2 I thought the triangles were floating in some sort of empty space because of the way they looked on the wall. It made me think of the stars in the night sky. After talking to Katherine I can see how the triangles are a reflection of the being mapping them. Overall I thought it was a very simple but thought provoking piece of art.