This week I talked to Nick Lemmerman who is also a film major at CSULB. For the first question which was What piece of art of any medium would you like to share with everybody? Nick’s answer to this question was that he wanted to share the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the new one with Ben Stiller. Nick said he wants to share this movie because for him it makes him feel good and he wants to share that with people. The second question was Would you be in support of your child if they wanted to pursue a degree in art? Nick’s response to this was that he would support them but also encourage them to not have that be their only source of income and to have a back up plan incase things don’t work out. For the final question What apps are on your home screen? Nick and I both had the stock apps but Nick had more utility apps while I had music apps and social media.img_3070