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Exhibition Information

Artists: Dalia Bañuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera
Exhibition: Infraction
Media: Photography, Sculpture, and Fiber
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlin Gallery
Daniel’s Website:
Dalia’s Instagram: deliaeffect

About the Artists

There were two artists in this gallery and I was lucky enough to talk to both of them. Dalia Bañuelos is a Studio Art major who likes to do martial arts and draw in her free time. Daniel Bonilla-Vera is also a Studio Art major but he is thinking of switching into a Photography major. Daniel has little free time due to his job and being a full time student.

Formal Analysis

For the exhibit Daniel and Dalia used photography as their main form of media but they also used sculpture and fiber. The left side of the gallery has Daniel’s photographs and the right side has Dalia’s photographs. In the middle of the gallery is a combination of both of their  photographs along with a sculpture of a person with their head in their hands on the ground. They connect all the photos and the sculpture with fiber aka string. The fiber wraps around all the photos and leads you to the center where the sculpture is. The really impressive thing about this is it is all made from one continuous string.

Content Analysis

From talking with both Daniel and Dalia it seems that their exhibit has quite a few ideas that they wanted to express. The overall main point they they wanted to express was mainly that they were frustrated with the limits they felt were on themselves as artists. The sculpture is there so that they can represent themselves in the piece. They used the fiber to go against the typical way of framing a picture and it is also used to show that if the fiber were to be cut it would all fall apart. This exhibit also represents the process of photography. It does this by showing the pictures they discarded and painted on because they weren’t good enough.


I really enjoyed this exhibit because of how it was presented and the ideas it brought to the table. What I liked was that it lead you through each of their work with the fiber an then it lead you to their work combined in the center of the gallery which was very creative way to do this. It also gave me an insight into what effort had to be put into getting the perfect photograph which I had never even thought of before this experience. I have to say this has been my favorite exhibit that I have gone to in this class so far.