For this weeks activity of creating an art care package I decided to create one for one of my best friends, Jen. For this care package I made a few sketches and included a memento from when we went to school together. The first sketch is of when we first met and the second one is of our old high school that we went to. The memento is a ticket to a winter formal dance that our high school had.

  1. An ACP is similar to a snapchat because they both allow you to give someone a little surprise.
  2. The ACP is different to a snapchat in the fact that a lot more effort goes into the ACP because it is more filled with love and care.
  3. I think ephemera is cool because it shows something someone wants to share with you from another time and should be thought of a loving gesture.
  4. I think there is a difference between art seen by many people an an ACP, an ACP is personalized for one person and isn’t for everyone to see.
  5. The time put into an ACP is important because it shows someone really care about you due to the effort they put into it.
  6. ACPs have way more love and thought put into them compared to snapchat because  you have to put yourself into the ACP you are sending and that is something snapchat can’t do.