1. I think that the term social network is a good term for both real life friends and social media friends, but real friends and social media friends are two different things in my opinion.
  2. I think Dunbar’s Number makes sense to me because if you think about it 150 people is a lot of people to have a close relationship with.
  3. To me having Facebook friends of Instagram followers doesn’t really mean anything and you don’t have an actual relationship with them, you can even not know a person in real life but be friends with them on Facebook.
  4. I personally was not surprised by the connections I had when we did our Art 110 social network wall. I knew who I have talked to and done activities and everything with.
  5. I only have close relationships with about 11 people in my life.
  6. I have more friends on Facebook than I do in real life. I don’t interact with any of those people online or in real life.

    While I was making my real life social network I realized how small my group of friends is but I like it because we have all been really close friends for many years.