Artist: Katherine Maleki
Media: Button (colored pencil on paper)
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marlyin Werby Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: @kdmalekiart

About the Artist

Katherine Maliki is an undergraduate going for a Graphic BFA at CSULB. Katherine might change her major to animation. Katherine works and does a lot of art in her free time. She even incorporates art at her work by  hand drawing all the labels. Katherine says that in button making the hardest part is making an image that’ll fit on a button.

Formal/Content Analysis


In Katherine’s buttons she made them in a very simplistic and minimalistic style. I found the colors she used and the style to be very aesthetically pleasing. You can tell that they were hand drawn and each one had time and care into them. She makes the button by first drawing an image that’ll fit in the size of a button, then she uses a button maker to make the button. The button maker works by having two trays that you put each side of the button in and you press them together with your image between them to make a button.

Katherine makes buttons because she they are enjoyable for her to make. She likes making them so much that she wants to get a button maker for Christmas from her family. She also like to mess with colors because she took a color theory class that blew her mind and she tries to mess with the colors to make aesthetically pleasing buttons.


I really enjoyed Katherine’s buttons and talking to her because of how adorable they were and she taught me how a button was made. I didn’t know how buttons were made so it was interesting to hear the button making process. Overall I really like Katherine’s style and