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Wk 8- Classmate Conversation- Nick Lemmerman

This week I talked to Nick Lemmerman who is also a film major at CSULB. For the first question which was What piece of art of any medium would you like to share with everybody? Nick’s answer to this question was that he wanted to share the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the new one with Ben Stiller. Nick said he wants to share this movie because for him it makes him feel good and he wants to share that with people. The second question was Would you be in support of your child if they wanted to pursue a degree in art? Nick’s response to this was that he would support them but also encourage them to not have that be their only source of income and to have a back up plan incase things don’t work out. For the final question What apps are on your home screen? Nick and I both had the stock apps but Nick had more utility apps while I had music apps and social media.img_3070


Wk 7- Artist Conversation-Nathaniel Paderanga

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga
Exhibition: Social
Media: Oil on Canvas
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlin Gallerey
Website: N/A

Nathaniel Paderanga is a senior at CSULB who is going to be graduating with a BFA in drawing and painting. Paderanga has been painting since he was eighteen. He originally was going to get a degree in kinesiology but decided his passion was in painting so he switched majors. He also told me about his process. He first starts with getting pictures from around the city in different areas. He then draws a sketch using the pictures as inspiration. He then finally paints the full image on the canvas.

Panderanga’s paintings fall into a sort of realistic style that depict a scene. My favorite painting by Panderanga was the Get Together piece because it really shows off the way people hang out nowadays and it is odd. Panderanga uses this realistic style so that you can picture what the actual scene would look like in real life. It uses lines and curves just like in real life so that it can more closely resemble life.

When talking to Panderanga about the Get Together piece he said he was trying to capture how people hang out in our society today. He says people are never in the moment they are always on their phones or distracting themselves from other people who they are supposed to be hanging out with. The other piece I talked to him about was the White House second from the Corer. In This pieces Panderanga tried to capture the house he grew up in when it was at its prime. He said that his cousin still owns the house but it is now run down and a mess.

Panderanga’s piece Get Together really stood out to me because I see it all the time, people not communicating with each other. When I hang out with my friends we are all always on our phones for some reason or another and we don’t really spend time with each other. I also really liked the White House second from the Corner piece because it reminded me of what my home used to look like and what it looks like now. Overall I really enjoyed Panderanga’s Exhibit I thought the paintings were very well done and that he is a talented kid with a bright future in painting ahead of him.

Wk 6-Activity- Flip Book

The Flip Book activity was a very fun activity because it reminded me of when I was younger. I used to make these types of things all the time. I decided to make an archer shoot a target because it seemed like the perfect thing to do to show motion. For each frame of the flip book I had to try and match it up with the picture that came before it and that was challenging for me. I know I just did stick figures but it looked a lot better to me than the hamburger and hot dog one I tried to do. Overall I liked this project because it brought me back to my childhood and it showed me how fun a flip can be again.

Wk 6-Artist Conversation-Blaine Prow

Exhibit Information

Artist: Blaine Prow
Exhibition: Extrusions
Media: Paper
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlin Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: tiffuts

Blaine Prow is a senior at CSULB who is going to be getting  a BA in Studio Art. Although Blaine is getting his BA in Studio Art he loves graphic design and has a concentration on it. He wanted to do this project for just a personal pursuit. Blaine stated that it took about 24 hours of work during a weekend to do the entire exhibit. Blaine used his love of building geometric pieces for his Extrusions exhibit.

The pieces demonstrated in Blaine’s Extrusions exhibit are made from paper that is cut and bent to form three dimensional shapes. The shapes are very straight and emphasize line. With the black background you get to see the space the white paper took up before they were cut and folded into their positions. This choice of black and whit give a sort of shadow look to the pieces.

From my conversation with Blaine he stated that his work was just for his own pleasure. Blaine said that he loved building geometric shapes and that is why he did this exhibit. What I see while looking at the pieces is change from an old form to a new one. I see this because the cut out in the paper gives a sense of what the shape used to be and how they have changed into something new.

In conclusion, this exhibit was very well done. The look of each piece is stunning and thought provoking. It gives a sense of change. To me it showed how you can change from one thing that you don’t want to be to something completely new. I would recommend people go and see this exhibit.

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Wk 5- Activity- Graffiti Art

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This project has been my favorite one we have done. I enjoyed practicing the graffiti writing and then actually doing it in my backyard. When I was doing it I couldn’t decide how to use both colors in my name so I decided to do my name twice with each color as a background color and as the letters. My favorite version of the two was the one with the blue background and pink text. I would absolutely do this project again and actually do it on the Venice Beach color walls. It seems like it would be fun to do things other than my name as well.

Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Katherine Mcraven

Exhibition Information

Artist: Katherine Mcraven
Exhibition: Katherine Mcraven                                                                                                                      Piece: Untitled Triangulation #2
Media: Heat Tempered Copper
Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: spirit_rose_a_metre

About the Artist

Katherine Mcraven is a CSULB junior who is working towards her BA in Sculpture. She likes to take photography, play music, and doodle in her free time. She also studies mycology, the study of fungi, on the side. Katherine is a night owl and likes to get her work done at night when there is fewer people in the studio. She was also very inspired by David Bowie’s last album. Katherine has been in a gallery with a group of artists but this was her first solo exhibition.

Formal Analysis

In Katherine’s Untitled Triangulation#2 she used line, geometric shapes, and the wall to make triangles. The triangles show off the different colors in the metal, Katherine heated up the metal to bring out the natural coloration in the metal. The triangles also have some texture to them which was created from blows by a hammer. With the triangles on the wall they give a floating appearance. The light also reflects of different parts of the triangles which shows off the coloration in each of the triangles.

Content Analysis

Katherine said that in her piece was representing the physical body that changes each time it is displayed. She also stated that it represents data and that each triangle is a plotted point on a graph. These statements come together because Katherine says the points become a reflection of the being mapping them. These statements are very interesting because when you hear those words it clicks in your head like I can see that.

Synthesis/ Analysis

When I looked at Katherine’s Untitled Triangulation #2 I thought the triangles were floating in some sort of empty space because of the way they looked on the wall. It made me think of the stars in the night sky. After talking to Katherine I can see how the triangles are a reflection of the being mapping them. Overall I thought it was a very simple but thought provoking piece of art.


Wk 4-Art Activity-Automatic Drawing

I did this week’a activity with my little sister and it was a bit frustrating. When we started to do it nothing was really happening which made both of us a bit ornery. After a while it  started moving because we just both tried moving it in different directions. It also didn’t help that the colors I got, yellow,green, and black, which made the final product look blah. If I had different colors that stood out more it might have been more worth doing. Overall I would try this one more time but if it is this frustrating I won’t do it again.

Wk 4-Artist Conversation-May Ta

Exhibit Information

Artist: May Ta                                                                                                                                                   Exhibition: Closer                                                                                                                                             Media: Digital Media, Ink Jet Print                                                                                                             Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery                                                                                                                 Instagram: maypta

About the Artist

May Ta is a senior in her last semester at CSULB. She will be getting her BFA in Illustration and then she is going to pursue a MA degree. She is deciding to get her MA degree at either Berkeley, USC, or CSULB. She is leaning towards CSULB because of how much she likes it. May explored sculpting at one point in time but she ended up in illustration because she thought it to more suitable.

Formal Analysis

May Ta’s piece The Windows depicts six different images with window frames on them. The window frames are there to give the appearance that you are looking into a room. The six images were created in photoshop then ink jet printed. The images make you follow the images from top to bottom and left to right. The window frames make the white wall between the images into part of the pieces because it looks like a building. It is done in a realistic style so you can easily identify what everything is.

Content Analysis

Each window in the piece has a different story going on in it like the first picture on the top row, which depicts a couple getting intimate. However, the overall message is more interesting because how the images are set up make it look like an apartment building with people living in it and they are all isolated from the people around them. You can see this because there is different emotion in each window for example the couple in the top are happy together and right below them is an unhappy child. This shows that we are becoming disconnected with our fellow human beings which is a really powerful message.


I really enjoyed May Ta’s The Windows piece both for the style and the message it sends home with you. The message behind this piece really resonated with me because every year I see more and more people not want to socialize in a normal face to face way and just talk behind a keyboard. This is a really worrying thing to me because I like actually being around my friends when I talk to them and I would rather do that over texting them. And this piece really shows the way we are heading and which it is why this is a very important message for people to see.

Wk 3- Artist Conversation-Andrew Hansen

Exhibition Information

Artist: Andrew Hansen

Exhibition: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Media: Oil Paint on Canvas

Instagram: albabroski



Andrew Hansen is an undergraduate student who is currently working towards his BFA. Andrew also used to be a tattooing apprentice but had to quit to focus on school. He was always into drawing and painting and wanted to something with that in his life. He is also works as a bouncer for the bar Pacific Shores in San Diego from which he has drawn inspiration for his piece.

The painting is oil paint on canvas which gives it an interesting textured look. The scene is of a man checking an I.D. at a bar. The lighting where the light is coming from the bar and dims as it goes outward is very appealing. The angles made by the people in conversation lead you to the woman in the center of the painting. The scene is painted in a realistic way and represents the scene its portraying well. You can even get a sense of the people moving from looking at it.

Andrew’s painting is called “Bar Scene”. Andrew made the painting based off his job as a bouncer. It is painted from his point of view which depicts him checking an I.D. and getting distracted by the woman sitting at the bar. Through talking with Andrew he says this is a scene he sees all the time; a woman getting hit on by multiple guys and her just not being interested. An interesting thing about this painting is that the people in the painting are all people in Andrew’s life. Andrew said with this painting he was trying to show how women are treated in bars, and that it is not right.

I enjoyed the exhibit because it was a new experience to me. Andrew’s work stood out to me because of its message about how men treat women. Even though I don’t go to bars I have still seen a similar situation where a guy keeps harassing a girl. It is an issue that women deal with all the time and it is awful. I liked Andrew’s painting was because of it’s message and style and would recommend people check out his work.

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